artwork by Renate Aller

Dickson Russell clients

Pearson Education Ltd

(formerly Addison Wesley Longman Ltd), international educational publishers


Dickson Russell carried out valuation of collection of historic portraits at London offices and supervised restoration of important early painting by Carel Weight.


Project to curate opening exhibition of Hew Locke's 'Ark' in new headquarters building, and to advise on accompanying workshops for local school children.

Dickson Russell curated and managed subsequent rolling programme of two thematic exhibitions per annum of mixed work by current and recent graduates for public areas, accompanied by a catalogue. Work displayed included painting, sculpture, photography, printmaking, textiles, jewellery, ceramics, metal ware and artists' books.

Dickson Russell invited selected departments from Harlow College and the University of Middlesex to participate in the programme, advised on the running of artist-led workshops to accompany exhibitions, and led educational tours of the exhibitions during public open days.