How We Work

At the start of each acquisition, exhibition or commissioning project, we would aim to understand your core business, who are your stakeholders, and the message you wish to convey. We would review the building or exterior location where work will be sited. We believe well-selected artworks, thoughtfully displayed, make a positive impact on their environment.
Unlike a gallery, we hold no stock of art nor have a stable of artists. We would source work impartially to create a bespoke solution for your project, according to your needs, premises and budget.
We are not limited to advising solely on contemporary art but are happy to advise on historic works in a variety of media.
We work closely with third parties to provide specialist services, including packing and shipping, storage and installation, restoration, framing and photography.
The partnership charges a time-based fee for all services and takes no commission on artwork when purchased. Third-party services are charged at cost and any trade discounts are passed on directly to the client.
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